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Over the past TWENTY years the alarm industry has worked closely with agencies such as the IACP - International Association of Chiefs of Police and NSA - National Sheriffs Association, to develop and refine successful elements for a solid alarm ordinance that will reduce alarm dispatches and in most cases allow for cost recovery. These jointly developed "Best Practices" have been incorporated into the Model Ordinance below. We estimate that over a thousand law enforcement agencies have used nearly all of this model. In recent years we have found most law enforcement agencies including the IACP/SACOP Chapters prefer the 2018 UPDATED (5 page) version. PLEASE NOTE: The term ECV - Enhanced Call Verification definition has been changed to ECC - Enhanced Call Confirmation, both mean "2-calls" are made prior to requesting a dispatch, with ECC being the current terminology.

UPDATED Alarm Model Ordinance - 2018 IACP-NSA VERSION:
NEW History Joint IACP/Alarm Industry Model Development:
White Paper on Ordinance Billing Options:
IACP White Paper on Video Verification:

The following alarm industry documents are also available for review:

Sample Police Policy on Alarm Notification for Security Systems:
Industry Position on Verified Response (non-response):
Industry Position on Fining Alarm Companies:
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