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"There are so many different entities in the alarm industry. There are all sorts of call takers and installers and monitoring companies - it's a large well spread out industry. And SIAC tends to be a single voice that tells us what the issues are and how we can work together more effectively with the industry."

Chief Dan Flynn, Marietta Georgia Police Department

"Sometimes there needs to be someone that brings groups together. And I think that's exactly what SIAC does. And they have the best interest on both sides in mind - for law enforcement and for the alarm industry, to solve the problems."

Marianna Perry, Former Director, National Crime Prevention Institute

"Step one would be this. Contact SIAC. They are a non-profit, not-for-profit organization representing not an alarm company, but the alarm industry. And they can show example after example of cities and police departments and sheriff's offices where we have worked together to make their life, the city's life, the police chief's life, the officer's life much easier. That is step one."

Chief Scott Knight, Chaska, Minnesota Police Department

"On behalf of the Palm Bay Police Department and the Alarms Office, we're thankful for the time SIAC's Glen Mowrey has taken to assist Palm Bay with our efforts to change our Alarm Ordinance. We're grateful for SIAC's experience, knowledge and concern for communities to help us write an efficient ordinance to reduce false alarms."

Elaine Revis, False Alarm Reduction Unit, Palm Bay Police Department, FL

"Several years ago, SIAC met with the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police to find new ways for working together on alarm reduction tactics. We endorsed a novel concept - forming an alarm management committee - as part of a cooperative approach to improve alarm management. With advice and fresh ideas from SIAC staff, we worked together to establish a Georgia Alarm Management Committee, with members from three Police Departments and three alarm companies serving on the panel. This approach has helped us make a quick dent in false alarms, and provides a framework for joint problem-solving in the future."

Louis M. Dekmar, Police Chief, LaGrange, GA, and former President of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police

"When Colorado Springs began reconsidering its alarm ordinance near the end of 2007, we were looking to be as inclusive as possible to ensure a balanced final product. To do so, we needed accurate and up-to-date information on alarm reduction techniques. SIAC stepped forwarded to provide the information we needed on best practices around the country, and new ways to improve alarm management. With the input of our citizens, elected officials, SIAC and other members of the security industry, we were able to craft a document that is fair to all the parties involved."

Colorado Springs, CO Deputy Police Chief Ron Gibson

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