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Be Aware of Unlicensed Door to Door Sales People

A common tactic used by these companies is to approach locations, primarily residences, that already have an alarm system. Their pitch is either that they are there to fix some part of the system, or perhaps they are the new owners of the customers installing company. Once they gain access to the alarm system they change it out and have the customer sign a new contract. No legitimate alarm company will show up at your door to fix or replace equipment without a prior appointment having been made. If you are approached in this manner DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS, get the name of the company and the salesperson and call consider contacting local authorities.


Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association urges homeowners to remain alert

DALLAS, Texas (June 16, 2008) - Across the state of Texas, homeowners are being approached by illegally operating and unlicensed alarm companies to buy an alarm system. Through the use of door-to-door sales staff, out-of-state alarm companies have allowed over-zealous representatives to misrepresent vital contractual elements in order to pressure and mislead homeowners into signing a long-term monitoring contact with hidden fees. In exchange, the homeowner receives nothing more than a poorly installed security system.

"Unfortunately, we have seen a tremendous rise this summer across the state of homeowners who have been mislead into buying one of these rogue alarm systems," said Chris Russell, Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association President. "If approached by a door-to-door salesperson, consumers should first check for references on the company and ask to see the salespersons 'pocket card' issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau. If the salesperson does not have a card, which will include their picture, they are not licensed to sell alarm systems in the state of Texas."

As part of their blatant misrepresentation and deceitful tactics, the door-to-door salesperson may also wear a reputable manufacturer's company shirt with logo. In order to operate in the state of Texas, all alarm companies must register with the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. If approached by an unlicensed company, residents are urged to contact their local police department or the Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau, at 512-424-7710. If residents have already fallen victim to an unlicensed alarm salesperson, they should file a report with the Texas Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Hotline, at 1-800-621-0508.

Russell advises, "By capitalizing on large numbers of college students seeking summer employment, out-of-state alarm companies are sending teams of salespeople to cities across Texas. Most teams work on commission, incentives and contests. As they speak to homeowners they keep the pressure on in order make the sale. While licensed alarm representatives will complete the process ethically and responsibly, these representatives will not."


The Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA) is a non-profit organization comprised of a large number of professional security and fire alarm companies that operate in the great State of Texas. By drawing on the diverse talents of the professional members, the TBFAA has established itself as an effective voice for alarm users. Working with city and county officials, the TBFAA lends a hand in creating safety and security standards for the alarm process as a whole. The TBFAA, in conjunction with the NESA and our local affiliate alarm associations, is proactive in false alarm reduction, training and consumer education.

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