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Alarm Dealers Testimonials

ECV (2-Call Verification) -The whole company is excited about our 35% reduction in alarms, and we have always taken pride in our quality of installation. Not trying to toot our own horn, but SIAC's two call verification has done wonders for us. Thanks...

John Smythe, President, Habitec Security, Toledo, Ohio

"I am a huge fan of the work SIAC does. They identify jurisdictions across the country that are considering false alarm ordinances, and serve as our liaison with officials in these communities. SIAC plays a major role in helping municipalities achieve their goals of public protection and wise resource use. Our company, Loss Prevention Services, has made a donation to SIAC, and I encourage other companies in the electronic security industry to do the same. There are many obstacles ahead for security companies, and becoming active through SIAC will only strengthen our industry."

Corky McClellan, Vice President, Loss Prevention Services, Inc., Clemmons, North Carolina

"In Fontana, we faced the sudden emergence of a policy from the police department to no longer respond to alarm signals without prior verification. With little local experience on this issue, or resources to provide our officials, our alarm association sought help from SIAC. They provided us with a large amount of information on successful ordinances around the country that retained police response while also raising revenue for the community. Additionally, SIAC staff helped us offer solutions based on their personal experience from other alarm ordinance campaigns around the country."

Richard Jimenez, Former President, California Inland Empire Alarm Association

"SIAC was swift, decisive and instrumental in briefing our local alarm association and members, along with elected officials and staff from the Police Department. The briefing helped us prepare an effective presentation to the Lynn, Massachusetts, City Council on new, improved alarm management practices. Not only was our presentation to the city council successful, but SIAC's involvement also swayed several companies to embrace improved alarm management standards. Having a national organization like SIAC available to help anywhere in the United States is an invaluable alarm management tool for our industry."

Ralph Sevinor President Wayne Alarm Systems, Inc., Lynn, Massachusetts

"SIAC has saved the security industry millions of dollars by eliminating bad local ordinances."

Mel Mahler, CEO of ADS

"Having a national organization like SIAC available to help anywhere in the United States is an invaluable alarm management tool for our industry."

Ralph Sevinor, President, Wayne Alarm Systems, Inc., Lynn, MA

"Without SIAC's input and resources, we would not have had the information we needed to have our local onerous legislation withdrawn."

Andy Lowitt, Vice President, Lowitt Alarms, Hicksville, NY; Member CSAA.

"Without SIAC's presence in California, many more communities would face police policies of non-response to alarms."

Matt Westphal, Co-President, Bay Alarm Company; President, California Alarm Association

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