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New 2013 Alarm industry acronyms and a timeline summary of industry initiatives that have lead to the development of the BEST PRACTICES in cooperation with law enforcement.Great document for folks new to our industry. (filesize 148kB)
User-Error Power Point presentation New USER ERROR TRAINING PROGRAM User Error or Industry Failure keys on the fact that 77% of all false alarms are due to user error, but is it really that simple? After all, in any case where you have this high of a failure rate isn’t that an indictment of the training that end users are receiving from their alarm company?

User Error or Industry Failure is a complete program to encourage the industry to make a concerted effort to train end users in the proper and responsible use of their security system. The program includes a Power Point presentation that should be opened in the NOTES VIEW which has more detailed information than the outline that is on the slides.

Additionally there is a Word file that contains check lists and user tip sheets to insure the program you develop for your company is followed.

All of the materials in this training program are free to any alarm company, central station or trade association and can be privately branded for your personalized use.

Thank you for your interest in SIAC and our vital industry services and good luck with your effort to become part of the solution. Please let us know what your results are by contacting us at:

Email SIAC Training or by calling Ron Walters at 954-347-4883.

Powerpoint - Presentation covers SIAC initiatives, includes SIAC overview, ECV, CP-01 and local action requested. Good for state or local association meetings. (filesize 1.5MB)
Powerpoint - This presentation covers most of the significant features found in the CP-01 control panels. (filesize 343kb)
Powerpoint - This is an example of an actual training presentation to help new users of a system understand the significance and responsibility associated with operated a commercial security system. (filesize 10.3MB - High Speed connection recommended)
NEW - This link will connect you to the CSAA Online training program for end-users. A great training tool for dealers and law enforcement or CLICK HERE to view a flyer that describes program.

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