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SIAC "Sustaining Partners" Program

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What is Sustaining Partners?
By design, SIAC has no membership. Over the years many people have asked about joining SIAC, but that isn't possible. SIAC is funded entirely by donations from the industry. This is both good and bad. Good since we've been well supported by a very small segment of the industry. Bad because we are seeing a huge consolidation of companies, mostly through acquisitions and mergers, and each of these potentially represents a lost donation or a greatly reduced commitment.

Why do we need Sustaining Partners?
What has always been missing in our funding is involvement by the masses. While we are always told that we have high job approval, very little of this transforms into revenue.  We believe intentions by the industry are to contribute, but writing that big check isn't always an option.

How is Sustaining Partners different?
Sustaining Partners targets anyone who currently isn't a contributor. It allows individuals and companies to give on a monthly basis, which is automatically charged to their credit card and renews until the person asks to be removed from the list. Fundraising takes a great deal of effort, especially when it has to be repeated every year. It is called "sustaining" because we hope to create recurring revenue. Sound familiar? 

How much do I have to contribute to be a Sustaining Partner?
Your level of participation is up to you. However, as a guideline, think about it in terms of monitoring revenue. What would it cost you to lose just one monitored account? What would it cost you to collect all fees and fines from your customers? What would it cost you to have to attend meetings with officials? These are the battles that SIAC fights in your name every day.

How do I become a Sustaining Partner?
Simply go to and click on the red "DONATE" button. Fill in the blanks and make certain that you select the monthly donation option. Or you can contact Stan Martin at or dial 972-377-9401.


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